Mute makes cryptocurrency and DeFi trading more accessible to the masses.
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Imagine a Robinhood or Cash App for crypto but controlled by its users, rather than a central entity. Imagine a Uniswap DEX that's way cheaper, more scalable and has completely private trading, meaning nobody can peek into your wallet.

This is the value proposition of the Mute Switch, our easy-to-use L2 swap platform that runs on Ethereum. Powered by our MUTE token, Mute's ZK-Rollup ecosystem will evolve into so much more. Mute is also a unique grassroots DAO governed by holders of VOICE, allowing the ecosystem to be controlled by its holders.


$MUTE Token

MUTE is the gas that powers growth of the ecosystem via the DAO, funding proposals and benefitting directly through a 'buyback and make' initiative. Earn transaction fees by staking your L1 LP tokens.


Mute Switch

Mute Switch is an advanced yet simple trading DEX powered by ZK-Rollups. Imagine a private Uniswap that's faster, cheaper and more scalable.


$VOICE Token

VOICE is the governance token for the entire Mute ecosystem.

Holders participate in the process of submitting and voting on proposals to determine the course of the DAO. Earn transaction fees by staking your L1 LP tokens.

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    Voice Control is our innovative governance dApp.

  • DAO Structure

    Only VOICE holders can submit ecosystem proposals or funding requests. Participating voters are incentivized with VOICE rewards. More info

    Successful funding requests require ratification from Mute 40k+ holders. Once approved, funding amount is calculated by Oracle and MUTE is minted/released to the nominated address via smart contract.

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